Association of Psychologists in Academic Health Centers

APAHC Conference 2019
What is an academic health center psychologist?
Academic health psychologists work in settings with a tradition of integrated and interdisciplinary service, research, and education, which may include teaching hospitals, medical schools, allied health schools, and/or VA/Military Medical Centers. In those settings, they model and define psychologists’ roles in health and illness for their trainees and for other health professions.
What does APAHC do?

APAHC provides a venue for peer mentoring from trainee through senior career status.

APAHC provides leadership in issues related to clinical service, education and training, research, and governance.

APAHC organizes a biennial conference focused on the work of psychologists in academic health centers.

APAHC collaborates with the American Psychological Association (APA), the Association of American Medical Colleagues (AAMC), and other organizations to promote the values and mission of our organization.