APAHC Interview with Leaders: Question Timestamps

Start: Introduction of Dr. McDaniel and Dr. Fogarty

1:58: We’ve all experienced how COVID impacts our work, our colleagues, our families, and our patients. From your leadership perspective, how has COVID impacted the ways academic health centers function?

15:30: What are some specific innovative programs or strategies within your departments for promoting resilience or reducing burnout among your clinicians and staff?

24:20: Clinician wellness and racial inequity are two big issues that have been present but this past year conversations have really opened up. We recognize things need to change and we need to re-think how we are structuring to address these issues. Can both of you speak more about this issue or challenges you’ve faced within your roles addressing this?

31:14: You spoke earlier, Dr. McDaniel, about the importance and usefulness of the two of you having a shared biopsychosocial mental model is helpful. What are other pearls or takeaways to help other psychologists have successful interprofessional partnerships?