Committee on Disparities & Diversity

Vision Statement

The APAHC Committee on Health Disparities and Diversity values the unique strengths and abilities of all persons and seeks to support their behavioral and emotional health. The Committee works to increase the provision of research-informed care that reflects the needs and concerns of diverse populations to help eliminate disparities and promote behavioral and emotional health among different groups. For Diversity Webinars, go to original webinar video and the human connection webinar

Mission Statement
The mission of the Health Disparities/Diversity Committee of the American Psychological Association of Psychologists in Academic Health Centers (APAHC) is to:


Support APAHC in maintaining an equitable environment for diverse psychologists in Academic Health Centers.


Ensure that issues of diversity in race, gender, sexual orientation and ability status remain central to the mission of APAHC.


Foster discussion among AHC psychologists on research, clinical care and policy related to health disparities in behavioral health and academic medicine.


Promote research on training models and clinical care to address health disparities.


Support skill development and mentorship attainment in areas relevant to diversity (broadly defined) among early career psychologists and trainees.


Implement targeted training programs for providers, researchers, and administrators.


Special Section: Invited Papers on Health Disparities and Diversity (2017). Journal of Clinical Psychology in Medical Settings. 24, 179-181.

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Committee Chair
Ronn Johnson
Lyndsay Smart