APAHC Virtual Conference 2021

Presenter Information

Updated February 15, 2021
We will continue to update this page as new information becomes available, so please check back regularly.

We are eagerly looking forward to the upcoming APAHC virtual conference and to your contribution to our programming!  Please find below information and resources to assist you as you prepare for your conference presentation.

Please address any questions about conference programming or content to APAHC.association@gmail.comIf you need technical support up to and including on the day of the conference, please contact KU via email at professionalprograms@ku.edu

General Information

We will be using Zoom as our conference platform.  We have contracted with Kansas University Professional & Continuing Education to facilitate the technical aspects of the virtual conference, and KU personnel will be providing technical support throughout the conference.  A KU moderator will be present in each zoom room to monitor/address technical issues and manage microphone functions.  A member of the APAHC conference planning committee will also be present in each room to introduce and assist speakers as needed (e.g., review chat questions and pose to presenters, provide time prompts, etc.). The APAHC moderator will be reaching out to you in advance of the conference with more information.

The conference session selection survey has been sent to all conference registrants. Presenters should select to attend their presentation time when completing the survey.  We anticipate that we will know the approximate anticipated audience size for each talk by late February 2021.

Oral Presentations

Be sure to mark important dates, in bolded text below, on your calendar.

Larger, plenary sessions will utilize Zoom webinar platforms. Please note that webinar rooms do not allow participant cameras and mics for Q&A sessions like regular Zoom rooms.  

Pre-conference workshops, bootcamps, and all concurrent sessions will utilize traditional Zoom rooms, rather than a webinar platform. This will allow use of breakout rooms and the chat feature as desired.

The following tip sheets and resources have been provided by KU for your reference:

We strongly recommend you download the latest version of the Zoom Client for Meetings app (v 5.5.2) for your Mac or PC and test functionality in advance of the conference. This will help ensure a smooth presentation on the days of the conference.

We also recommend you review this instructional video from KU as you prepare for your presentation. View the APAHC Presentation Tips powerpoint. If, after watching the video, you have more questions or want to schedule a practice session, email Amanda Morgan at almorgan151@ku.edu.

Speakers may use the poll function in Zoom, should they wish. In order to do this, speakers must create their poll and coordinate with staff at KU to prepare the poll in advance of the talk. Polls support multiple choice format questions only (no open-ended questions).  If you wish to utilize a poll, please contact KU at professionalprograms@ku.edu by Monday, February 15 to set this up. You will need to provide your poll questions and an indication of the slide number where the poll question should appear during your talk.

Presenters should be prepared to upload a copy of their presentation slide deck by Tuesday, February 23. This allows our vendor, KU, to have a copy of your slides to use should technical issues arise at the time of your presentation. Changes may still be made to your slides up to the time of the presentation. Information on how and where to upload presentation files is forthcoming.

On the day of the presentation, all speakers will be allowed to access their Zoom room during the break period immediately preceding the start of their session. (Note that for brief talks, this will occur at the beginning of the concurrent session in which your talk is scheduled, not before each 15-min talk.) This is to allow speakers to log in and set up their screen sharing with the assistance of KU moderators before the audience is admitted to the room. Please take advantage of this prep period to ensure a smooth start to your presentation by logging in at least 15 minutes before your session starts. These prep periods are denoted as breaks in the conference program.

If you have handouts or slides you would like to provide for attendees in advance of the conference, these can be posted to the APAHC conference webpage. Submit these files to APAHC.association@gmail.com by Monday, March 1.

Poster Presentations

Below you will find the instructions that were also emailed to poster presenters individually. This information has not changed.

  • We will need a PDF of your poster sent to both Amanda Morgan at almorgan151@ku.edu and Pam Hicks at phicks@ku.edu by February 8th.  Please label your PDF with the title of your presentation. They will be uploading your posters into OneDrive for the attendees to review prior to the conference.
  • We will be sending you a recording with general details about participating in a virtual session. If you have any additional questions after watching the recording please email Amanda Morgan at almorgan151@ku.edu and she will set up a time to answer them.
  • You have each been assigned to one of three room groupings to present your poster. Please refer to the individual communication you received about this, or contact Sheila Dowd at Sheila_Dowd@rush.edu if you need this information again.
  • Each poster presenter will give a 5 minute introduction to their work, and once all the presenters have given their 5 minute presentation, we will open it up for questions. You will be given the rights to mute and unmute attendees.
  • A moderator from the poster committee will be present in each room.
  • You have received an email with a survey to select conference programming that you plan to attend. Please identify your poster room when you complete this survey.
  • While the talk selection survey will allow you to choose multiple poster rooms, we ask presenters to remain in their designated room for the duration of the poster session to ensure availability for interaction.
  • Attendees and poster presenters will get the same Join Links and passwords. The evening of your presentation you will enter the waiting room just like other attendees but you will be let in before the attendees so that you can get situated.
  • Once attendees have all been admitted, the waiting rooms will close allowing the attendees to move between the 3 poster rooms to engage with you. This means that not everyone will hear your introduction but it will allow for more interaction with your colleagues.
  • Any questions on the day of your presentation please email professionalprograms@ku.edu they will be available to troubleshoot and answer questions.

Day-of Information

If you need technical support the day of the conference, please contact KU via email at professionalprograms@ku.edu

Please address any questions about conference programming or content to APAHC.association@gmail.com

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