2004 Member Survey Results

AMSP Board of Directors conducted a member survey between July 9, 2004 and July 28, 2004.  141 members were emailed the survey of which 87 (62%) opened and 70 (50%) completed.  This was the first member survey of AMSP members and the following information provides highlights of the survey.  The full survey and written responses to questions can be viewed in a PDF file by clicking here


1.  Seventy-one percent of the respondents have been a member of AMSP for 5 years or longer.

2.  Over 90% received their doctorate before 2000.

3.  Ninety-three percent were familiar with the Journal of Clinical Psychology in Medical Settings.

4.  Thirty-seven percent of the respondents have published in JCPMS.

5.  Forty percent stated they would be submitting future manuscripts to JCPMS.

6.  The majority of the respondents stated the journal was an excellent value and felt it was one of the few tangible benefits for belonging to AMSP. Read the additional responses by CLICKING HERE.

7.  Only 45% of respondents were familiar with the AMSP website.

8.  Thirty-nine percent had not been to the AMSP website in the last two months.

9.  Respondents suggested better publicizing of the website would be appropriate and felt it should be promoted as many were unaware of the AMSP website.

10. Most members felt the consultation program was a great idea but many were still unaware of the program. Read additional responses by CLICKING HERE.

11. Sixty-nine percent of the members were aware of the AMSP listserve.

12. Sixty-nine percent had received and read messages 5 or more times within the past two months.

13. There were mixed reactions on the impression of the list serve.  Many felt it was an enlightening service and a few wanted improvements for more discussion items.  Read additional responses by CLICKING HERE.

14. Fifteen individuals submitted their email address to be added to the listserv.  All were contacted and requested they provide their full name.  Twelve of the 15 have responded and been added to the listserv.

15. Fifty-one individuals responded with suggestions for ways in which AMSP can be helpful to psychologists in academic health centers and medical schools.  Many stated the salary surveys were very important and there were a significant amount of ideas that can be read in the full survey results.  Read additional responses by CLICKING HERE.

16. Ninety-five percent of respondents wanted AMSP to continue to become active as an advocate for causes of special concern to psychologists in health science centers and medical schools.  There were many suggestions including tenure, promotion, salary support, parity with other medical disciplines, health psychology funding, GME funding, and many more ideas.  Read additional responses by CLICKING HERE.

17. Fifty-three percent of respondents were interested in becoming more involved in AMSP activities.  Many stated they were flexible and will to assist in various areas.

18. Sixty-six percent gave permission to be contacted by email.

19. Forty-three individuals submitted their email address to be contacted by AMSP Board of Directors.

20. Sixty-five percent of respondents were male; 35% female.

21. Ninety percent were of white/Caucasian racial/ethnic background; 4% African American/Black; 1% Asian/Pacific Islander; 3% Hispanic/Latino(a); and 1% other.

22. Forty percent of respondents have been in their current position for 20 years or more; 22% for 12-20 years.

23. Respondents indicated that 30% spent less than 10% in clinical services; 60% in 30% or less in research; 71% in 30% or less in teaching; 74% spend 20% or less in administration.

24. Sixty-three respondents submitted a response to total annual income.  The range was from $33,000 to $260,000 with the mean being close to $100,000.